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46th  Mn Orphan Train  Riders
Reunion 2006
Rosemary Zarling (Little Falls), Helen Koscianski (Winona), Pat Thiessen
(Becker),Sophia Kral (Sleepy Eye),Sister Justina Bieganek (Little Falls),
Laura Norden (Sauk Rapids)
47th  Mn Orphan Train Riders Reunion
September 27, 2007.
The 47th Annual MN Orphan Train Riders Reunion at St Francis Convent, Little Falls, MN
Front Row (L to R) Rosemary Zarling (Little Falls) Helen Koscianski (Winona) Marie Dorff
(Hopkins) Sophia Kral (Sleepy Eye)  
Back Row (L to R) Agnes (Pat) Thiessen (Becker) Mary Allendorf (Hopkins) Bernadette
Schaefer (Eagan)Sister Justina Bieganek (Little Falls)
Each received the book "Children of the Orphan Trains"
48th MN Orphan Train Riders
Reunion October 18, 2008
Front Row (L to R) Helen Koscianski (Winona) Bernadette
Schaefer (Eagan) Pat Thiessen (Becker) Marie Dorff
Back Row (L to R) Sister Justina Bieganek (Little Falls) Sophia
Kral (Sleepy Eye)
49th MN Orphan Train Reunion October 17, 2009
Sister Justina Bieganek (Little Falls. Marie Dorff, ?????
, Helen Kosciansk
i (Winona)
50th MN Orphan Train Reunion
October 2, 2010
Victoria Moe, Sister Justina, Pat Thiessen, Berandette Schaefer,  
Helen Koscianski, Sophia Kral
51st  MN Orphan Train Reunion
October 1, 2011
Sister Justina, Helen Kosciansk, Pat Thiessen
52nd MN Orphan Train Reunion
October6, 2012
Sadly for the first time in 52 years there were no riders with us
October 5, 2013
Again there were no riders at this celebration