Riders 10
Virginia ? (birth name) Crowley (foster/adoptive name) Sabinske (married surname)
1918 NYFH Rider to Heron Lake, MN to James & Mary Crowley of Avoca, MN
Veronica ? (birth name unknown)Steinert (foster/adoptive name) Kowitz (married surename) (deceased 2/28/1994)
Born 3/2/1912. A 1914 Rider to Royalton, MN to Mary & Julia Steinert. Married Leo Kowitz.
?? (birth name) Charles Frenn (foster/adoptive name)
1918 Rider to Red Wing, MN to the
Frenn family.  He was known as Charles Joseph Robert Frenn
Rudolph ? (birth name)
1914 Rider to Fergus Falls, MN
Ann G. Schroeder(birth name unknown) Schroeder(foster/adoptive name)(deceased 8/21/1997)
Born 4/25/1915. Un-named at Manhattan General.  Anne's mother was 22 years old and lived at 12 or 20 Allen St in NY City Ann was a 1918 NYFH Rider to East
Grand Forks, MN to the Julius Schroder family. She boarded a train from the orphanage to St. John's Home in New York.  From there, she left by Orphan Train and
arrived in East Grand Forks, Minnesota on Columbus Day in 1918.  Ann's new parents  were Julius and Josephine Mary Schroeder.  She became a nurse and
worked at the Veteran's hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota when she was older.
More details in volume 4 of "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories"  May be purchased from the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America.
Anne Schroeder
Mary  ?  (birth name known  )Langer (foster/adoptive name)Kulas (married surname)
A NYFH rider in 1915- to Avon Minnesota.   Date of birth 11-3-1911.  Mary also had an adoptive sister of JoAnn Rosen who rode an orphan train about
1919.Mary married Stanis Kulas of Avon, MN  See photo on right of Mary as a young girl and an adult
Mary ? (birth name unknown) Cromer (Foster/adoptive name) Robinson (married surname)
NYFH 1909 rider to Faribault/Redwing to Edward and Rosella (Jamart) Cromer home.    Married to William Henry Robinson in Hettinger, ND
Mary Langer
Mary ? (birth name) Schneider (foster adoptive name) Zechmann, Howath, Ethen (married surnames)
1914 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to Moritz & Veronica Schneider family
Mary ? (birth name) Gilligan (foster/adoptive name)
1889 Rider to Adams, MN to the Gilligan family
Marian  C ? (birth name) Christiansen (married surname)
1921 NYFH Rider to Albert Lea, MN.  She published the song "An Orphan's Prayer in 1985
Martin ? (birth name) Schmitz (foster/adoptive name)
1911 Rider to Wadena, MN to the Schmitz family
Marie ? (birth name unknown) Kramer (foster/adoptive name)
1911 Rider to St Cloud, MN to Kramer family
Marie ? (birth name)
1914 Rider to Fergus Falls, MN
Marion ? (birth name unknown) KocksJ (foster/adoptive name)
Rode after 1914 to the Kocks ? family
June ? (birth name) Henneberry (foster/adoptive name)
Rider to Minneapolis, MN to Henneberry family
? Josephine (birth name unknown)  Pieffer (foster/adoptive name) Kennedy (married surname)  DOD 11/8/1994
Born 5/26/1896. A 1899 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to Carl & Mary Pieffer family. Married J. Leo Kennedy June 13, 1921 In Melrose and lived most of her life in St Cloud, MN.
Felix ? (birth name unknown) Kieke (foster/adoptive name)
1914 NYFH rider to St Cloud, MN to Stephen & Catherine Kieke family
Frank ? (birth name unknown) Tokay (foster/adoptive name)
1909 Rider to Ramsey, MN to George & Helen Tokay family
Ethyl ? (birth name unknown) Schmitz (foster/adoptive name)
1911 Rider to Wadena, MN to the Schmitz family
Henry R ? (birth name unknown) Barney (foster/adoptive name)
1907 Rider to Chaska, MN to the Barney family
Margaret ? (birth name unknown) McNeeley (foster/adoptive name) Englund (married surname)
1915 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to William & Maggie (McNeeley) Murphy family in Mankato, MN husband George
Francis "Frank" ? (birth name unknown)
1912 rider
Isabella ? (birth name unknown) Gates (foster/adoptive name) Johnson (married surname)
Rider after 1880 to the Gates family
Agnes L? (birth name unknown )Scheifer (foster/adoptive name) Markowitz (married surname)(deceased 3/21/1994)
Born 4/19/1897, A 1899 NYFH Rider to St Cloud, MN to Mathew & Elizabeth Scheifer family. Married Julius Marklowitz 6/23/1956
Allan ? (birth name unknown) Graham (foster/adoptive name)
1901 or after Rider to Redwood/Delhi Township, MN to John & Lilliam Graham family
A N ? (birth name unknown ) Farmer (foster/adoptive name)
Rider to Spring Valley, MN  to the Farmer family
Anna ? (birth name unknown ) Klasur/Kalsar (foster/adoptive name)
1898 Rider to Stearns or Todd County, MN to the Klasur/Kalsar family
Bertie ? (birth name unknown ) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Martin County, MN to Mrs Harry Smith
Catherine Zurn (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Fred Zurn (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Rosa Zurn (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Agnes ? (birth name unknown) Flynn (foster/adoptive name) Strouf (married surname)
1886 Rider to Racine Township, MN to the Edward Flynn family
Edward Zeller (birth name) St John (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Welcome, MN to the A St John family
Anna Zmoder (birth name) Goldsmith (foster/adoptive name) Lemke (married surname)
Born 1/20/1913.  A 1913 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to the Goldsmith family
Claude J ? (birth name unknown) Claude J Fiestman (foster/adoptive name) died before May  1935
Born about 1911, rode the train which arrived in Little Falls, MN Jan 28, 1914 with orphans from Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, 175 East 68th St, New
York, New York.  An article in Little Falls Daily Times indicates that Bernard (Barney) Fietsam of Royalton took a boy.  He is listed in the 1930 census living
with his new parents in Los Angeles, but supposedly died before May 1935.
Dorothy (birth name unknown) Bow (foster/adoptive name) Smith (married surname)  deceased 12-25-2014)
1915 NYFH rider to Minneapolis, born 1913, at the age of 22 months to Alderman D.C. Bow, a well off widower and his daughter Viola who was tired of being an only child .
Arrangements had been made in advance. They named the 22 month girl, who would go on to live a long life filled with love and joy and laughter and travel.    Dorothy Bow was
raised not far from Minnehaha Falls in a loving home.  Years later after marrying Verne Smith, Dorothy tried to contact the New Orphanage she came from.   She never discovered the
identity of her birth parents or learned her birth name.  The family speculated that her parents perhaps died in transit from Ireland or shortly after they arrived in New York.  Dorothy
made four return trips to Ireland hoping to connect to her roots.  
See full article on the History page 5.
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Susan Keaveny Lehner
Marie/Mary (birth name unknown) Zimmer (foster/adoptive name) Wilson (married surname)
NYFH Rider to Stearns County.   Rode the train along with a boy name
Antonin Berger
Jewell ? (Birth name unknown) Wilson (foster/adoptive name) Poirier (married surname)
Born on June 22, 1903 /1904 rode the orphan train in 19008/1909 to Jim and Mayme Wilson.   On some census she is listed as Julia with a birth year of 1904.  She lived Grand
Forks and near Fargo ND and eventually settle near Detroit Lakes, MN
Jeromita ??? (birth name unknown)Simmons (Foster/adoptive name) Gordon (Married name) deceased 10/21/1977
Born in 1891 in New York.   She was possibly adopted to a family that may have lived in Forest Lake, MN.  Married Syver B Gordon July 7, 1938 in Sious Falls, SD.     They
made their home in Westbrook, MN. Later she  moved to St Paul, MN about 1970. She died in 1977 and us possibly buried in Forest Lake, MN.     Her father, unnamed
was born in New York, her mother unnamed was born in Sweden.   Her native language according to the 1940 US Federal Census was German
? Paul (birth name Unknown) Richter (foster/adoptive name)
Paul Richter age 3 rode the orphan train from NYC in 1914.  A family agreed to take him at the train depot in Sauk Centre, MN but they never showed   
He was place back on the train and arrived in Wadena, MN where Sophie Richter, who already had 6 children at home, took Paul and brought him
home with her.  The girls in the family thought he was a living doll.  This is what he was dressed in when he came to Wadena (see photo on right_.  
When Paul was 40 years old, he inquired of the New York Foudling Hospital about his birth and the infromation that Sister Mary Virginia gave him is
recorded.    There were many people like Sophie and John Richter who changed the lives of thousands of Orphans in this mass migration of
homeless children on orphan trains from 1853-1929.  Sophie and John changed the life of one whose name was Paul.   Paul as a teenager and a
young man.   There were so many people like Sophie and John Richter who changed the lives of thousands of orphans in this mass migration of
homeless children on orphan trains from 1853-1929.  Sophie and John changed the life of one whose name was Paul. See photo to the right.
Marguarite ?? (birth name unknown) O'Mahoney (foster/adoptive name) Dahlke (married surname) Deceased 3/1/1969
Born November 15, 1915 in New York. Rider to Olmsted County (year unknown) to  John & Ellen O'Mahoney in rural Olmsted County.    The assumption is she was adopted, but not
known for sure.  Marguarite married Lynwood Paul Dahlke.  They had two children Dayle Paul Dahlke DOB 11/20/1937 DOD 3/10/2010 and Mary Ellen Dahlke DOB 9/22/1936  DOD
10/27/1974.  She had one granchild born to Dayle & Joan Dahlke, Bradley Dahlke who died in 2017.    Marguarite died 3/1/1969 at the age 54 and Lynwood died in 1969 shortly after
Marguarite died.    The O'Mahoney's had a daughter who was a Franciscan sister at Assisi HTS in Rochester.  Her name was Sister Mary Ellen O'Mahoney.   Sister Mary Ellen was born
January 25, 1897 and die May 27, 1991