Walter Dawson (birth name) Stade (foster/adoptive name Ralph & Art Stade) (deceased  2/8/1995)
Born 1/11/1906.  A 1914 CAS Rider to Estherville, IA, to the Rudolph Stade farm in Dunnell  Ia,  later taken to Fairmont, MN  to the Art Stade family. Married Geneva Tveidt  
1/11/1929 in Fairmont, MN. Rode with James Mack
Walter Dawson (Stade) and James Mack (Berg)
Lucia Caputo (birth name) Delores Payette (foster/adoptive name) Lewis (married surname)
1912 or 1913 NYFH Rider to Princeton or St Cloud, MN to the Payette family.  She became known as Delores Payette Lewis . Lucia was 1 1/2 years of age when she rode the orphan train to
Princeton, MN.   She and her foster brother (a nephew of her foster parents - he did not ride the orphan train) were never legallaly adopted.  She stated they went into a good family.  Her mother
spoiled her brother and her father spoiled her.    At one of the first reunions she met another adoptee whose "real name" had also been Caputo.  "Chills ran up and down her back"  she stated.  The
thought of discovering a sister came to mind.  But comparing birth dates, there was only six months between their ages and they could not have been sisters.  Lewis stated "I think we are cousins".  
Of course the other adoptee would have been Carmella Caputo - listed above.
Riders 2
Gaetano DeLeo (birth name) J J Jutz (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 4/2/1992)
Born 4/20/1913.  A 1916 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to the Joseph Jutz family in New Ulm, MN. He remembered the nurse who rode with him named Hanna.  He wore a long
dress, curls down over his shoulders and an ID tag pinned to his dress. Guy was taken to New Ulm. When nurse Hanna delivered Guy to the Jutz family, they stated they wanted
a boy.  The nurse commented "If you just look you will see that you have a boy."   He had fantastic foster parents.Foster/adoptive name JJ Jutz, but changed his name back to his
original name as Guy DeLeo.  Guy married in 1940 and divorced in 1976. He volunteered for the Marine Corps in 1943.He remarried  in 1976.  His whole life revolved around
music.He had several bands and taught music. Biological parents Antonnette & Philipo DeLeo.
Details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Vol. 1"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gaetano DeLeo
Carmella Caputo (birth name)Schend (foster/adoptive name) Keaveny(married surname) (deceased 12/30/1982)
Carmella was born April 16,(or 6) 1912 in Manhattan, Ny.  She was two years old Carmella when she arrived in Tintah June 14, 1914 NYFH rider to the home of Peter & Mary
Schend.  It was a big event in Tintah, Minnesota. The whole town gathered at the train depot to welcome her. Her mothers name was Annunciata Nunzio Caputo. She was 35
years when Carmella was born and unmarried. Her mother lived with another daughter in an apartment in New York. It was later learned that her mother and sister had died in  
a fire.  After she graduated from Teacher's College in St Cloud, MN she married Ray T Keaveny on September 12, 1933.They lived and farmed in the Tintah, MN  area. They had
ten children.  Carmella died December 30, 1982.  Ray died December 15, 1974.  Carmella was also one of the founders of the Orphan Train Riders of New York (Midwest).  
More information in "By Train They Came - Fragile Excess Baggag  Volume 2 by Charlotte & Sarah M Endorf      Carmella age 2, photo taken right after her arrival in MN
Harold Caroll/Carroll (birth name) Harold McLaughlin (foster/adoptive name)
CAS Rider to St Cloud, MN to the McLaughlin family.
Mary Casey (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Agnes Chambers (birth name)Agnes Marie Patnode (adoptive name) Pat Thiessen (married surname) (deceased 10/1/2012)
1918/1919 NYFH rider.  Agnes was born 3/1/1916. Biological parents Tim Finnegan & Mary Chambers (Corcreeny, N Ireland) Went to Crookston,
Mn/Red Lake Falls, MN  in 1918 to the Harmidas & Alphonsine Patnode family.  Her train was met in Crookston, MN  destination Red Lake Falls,
Minnesota.  Pat was not yet 3 years old when placed out.  She was adopted in 1934.  She married Victor Thiessin in 1939 and they had 8 children. Pat is
from Becker MN
More details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Vol. 1. May be purchased through Orphan Train Heritage Society of America
                                                                                                                            Tag that was attached to Pat (Agnes) coat when she arrived in MN
                                                                                                                             Agnes Chambers Patnode Thiessen as a young child
Miriam Chase (birth name) Kuklock (foster/adoptive name) Fandel/Waldstein (married surname) (deceased 3/15/1996)
1917 NYFH rider  to  Alpha, MN to the James & Florence Kuklock family.The nuns at NYFH "assigned" her a name because she had no identification
on her  frail malnourished body or the basket she was found in, at the time of her discovery on St Patricks Cathedral steps.  She was found by a
policeman (in November 1914 at about 21 days old and in very bad condition and taken to New York Fondling Hospital.   We believe that she rode the
Orphan Train to Alpha, MN in July 1917.  Her adoptive parents Jim & Florence Kuklock of Alpha, MN (pop 100) heard of the NYFH pleas for foster
parents through their parish church St Wenceslaus in Jackson MN.  The Kuklocks were childless so they applied and approved suitable by their
pastor They had ordered an infant girl with brown hair and blue eyes and received their 2 1/2 old daughter on June 30, 1917.
Many curious Alpha friends and neighbors turned out at the train station to witness Miriam's arrival.Her first husband  Elmer J Fandel died and Miriam
married Nels J. Waldstein.
Miriam in 1917 shortly after her arrival in Alpha, MN (Left picture)
                                                                                                                           Miriam taken in 19936 at 79 years of age  (Right picture)
Una Church (birth name)Savidge/ Savage (foster/adoptive name)
1903 CAS rider to Chatfield, MN to the William Savidge/Savage family.
Florence Clancy (birth name)
Rode the train to Little Falls, MN
Guiseppi Decalogia (birth name) Frie (foster/adoptive name)
1915 NYFH rider. Born April 9th 1907, mother Mary DeCalogere.  Brought to The New York Foundling Hospital on April 16, 1907, Mary stated she was unable
to care of him.  He arrived in Freeport in the care of the Herman Frie family in  February 13, His legal adopted name became Conrad Joseph Frie.
Conrad Joseph Frie (far right)  Conrad Joseph & Monica Agnes (Hoeschen) Frie Wedding photo 9/3/1929
Fred Clark (birth name) Reynolds (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to the F S Reynolds family.
Margaret Loretta Clark  (birth name) Margaret Loretta Buening (foster/adoptive name)
1900 CAS Rider to St Paul, MN to the Buening family.
John Clarke (birth name) Terry (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Dodge Center/ Spring Valley, MN  to R W Terry family.
Meta Clausen/Clawson (birth name) Wallace (married surname)
1905 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Reginald Collier (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Regina Conners (birth name) Falkner/Faulkner (foster/adoptive name)
1904 CAS Rider to Albany, MN to the Falkner/Faulkner family.
E.Corbin, (birth name) St John (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Welcome, MN to  A St John family.
James Costello (birth name) Taylor (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN to the M Taylor family.
Mary Costello (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN.
Mary Cunningham (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN.
John N Daly (birth name) Town (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Antrim Township, MN to the B A Town family.
Philip Darens (birth name) Hendry (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fraser Township, MN  to the James Hendry family
Margaret, Dauman (birth name) Thacher/Thatcher (foster/adoptive name) Scrabeck (married surname)
1903 CAS Rider to Chatfield, Mn near Preston, MN  to the Daniel & Lizzie Thacher/Thatcher  family.
Allen Davenport (birth name)
1880 CAS Rider to Beaver Falls, MN.
Louisa Dehu/Dego (birth name)Loegering (foster/adoptive name) Weston (married surname)
1889 CAS Rider to Waconia/Cologne Benton Township, MN to the Herman & Katherine Loegering family.
Sylvia Dehu/Dego (birth name)Loegering (foster/adoptive name) Loegering (married surname)
1882 CAS Rider to Waconia/Cologne Benton Township, MN to Herman & Katherine Loegering family
Katie  Delano (birth name) Ensington (foster/adoptive name) Johnston (married/surname)  DOD 1959
Born April 4, 1872 in New York - 1883 NYFH (NY Juvenile Asylum)Rider to Hayfield, MN to the William Ensington family.   (may have gone to Illinois first)   There were 2 and
possibly 3 other children.   Liizzie, Joseph and possibly Mary. There are some records that indicate these children were sent to live with the Kettelkamps in Nokomis,
Illinois.   She married Benjamin Johnston from Hayfield,
Carmina/Carmine Denario (birth name) Langworthy (foster/adoptive name) Poulter (married surname)
1899 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to the A N Langworthy family.
Jennie/Jessie/Jessee Denario (birth name) Langworthy (foster/adoptive name) Carter (married surname)
1899 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to the A N Langworthy family.
Cora DeRocher,  (birth name) DeVos (foster/adoptive name) McNee/Lawrence (married surname)
1905 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, Mn to the DeVos family.
Patrick Devine (birth name) Wrace (foster/adoptive name)
1903 CAS Rider to Cherry Grove/Chatfield/Preston, MN to the Fred Wrace family.
Minnie Louise/Emmaline Dickens/Banks  (birth name) Click (foster/adoptive name) Davis (married surname)  deceased 11/26/1935
Born 4/30/1871- 1883 CAS Rider to Luverne, MN at the age of 12 to N J Click/Banks family.  Minnie was known as Minnie Louise Banks. Minnie's biological parents were Charles & Harriet Dickens.
Minnie & Roswell were  sister & brother..She was not adopted but lived with Robert & Naomi J Click in Luverne, MN.   Married Clarence Brown Davis. Roswell & Minnie got back together and visited
with their families.  Banks relatives were found in Danbury and they believe she may have used that name as a connection to her family and possible used it infrequently out of anger at being pulled
from her family to be sent West.   She had an older sister Henrietta,  brother Roswell and another brother Samuel - but the family is unable to find information on Samuel..  Roswell & Minnie
Dickens were reunited when Minnie's husband Clarence Brown Davis went to town to look for help on their farm.   Minnie & Clarence Brown Davis were married on October 22, 1888 in Luverne, MN
in a double ceremon
y with a relative on Clarence  side of the family.    Clarence was born May 19, 1863 in Argyle, Lafayette, WI.   He was a farmer.   He met a man with a bootblack mark on his wrist
that was the same as one Minnie had on hers. Minnie children Robert, Hazel (who died at four months), Rollie, Guy, Larry, Harry (who died young) Dewey, Leonard (who die young), Orlie, Kenneth,
Gladys, Ruth and twins (who died at birth).l  It ended up they were siblings.  The CAS said both parents were dead by the time the two children rode the Orphan Train.
Roswell Dickens (birth name) Seaborn/Peck (foster/adoptive name)
1883 CAS Rider to Grand Meadows, MN to the William Seaborn/Peck family, born in 1876.   He was known as Roswell Peck. Biological parents were Charles & Harriet Dickens Roswell &
Minnie were brother & sister. Roswell went by the last name of  Peck.   He was supposed to be with the Seaborn family, but was not happy there and ran away.   He was reunited with Minnie, he
met their hired girl Lizzie Greve and they were  married and had 3 daughers. They lived in Ohio.     Roswell died in Ohio....  (
see story above  Minnie Louise Dickens/Banks)    
Edward Dietz (birth name)
1911 Rider to St Cloud, MN.
John Dennis Dillion (birth name)
1908 CAS Rider to Delano, MN.
Evelyn Donovan (birth name) Shirley Ann Valley (foster/adoptive name) Carpentier (married surname)
1923 NYFH Rider to Duluth/Cloquet, MN to the Valley family. Evelyn became know as
Shirley Ann Valley
Eliza "Lizzie" Doran (birth name)
1903 CAS rider to Chatfield, MN
Louis Dornheim (birth name) Town (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Martin County, MN to the A R Town family.
Alexander Doroff (birth name)
1910 Rider to St Cloud, MN.
Carrie Douglas (birth name) Weberland (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Rolling Green Township, MN to the Capt. Weberland family.
Samuel Dowling (birth name) Rouse (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, Mn  to the H R Rouse family.
Annie Dugan (birth name) Ray (foster/adoptive name)
1897 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to the Ray family.
Mary Dugan (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN.
Katie Edgewater (birth name)
1899 CAS Rider to Rutland Township, MN.
Mario Henry Edmond (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, MN.
Clement S Edwards (birth name) Slocum (foster/adoptive name)
1881 CAS Rider to Albert Lea, MN to the Slocum family.
Florence Corcoran (birth name) Caldwell (foster/adoptive name)
1897 rider to LaCrosse, WI on the MN border in 1897 and went to the Caldwell family.  (New York Juvenille Asylum)
Irene Dwyer (birth name) Elizabeth Bye (foster/adoptive name) Elizabeth (Betty) Murphy
(married surname)
Agnes Conway (birth name) Borgerding (foster/adoptive name) Daege (married surname)
Born 1895 in New York, to Thomas Conway & Annie Sheridan.   A 1899 NYFH rider to Freeport, MN   Married Anthony Daege in Sauk Centre, MN.   She had two children Janette & Roseanne.
Josephine Stella DeLuca (birth name) Gamroth (foster/adoptive name)Marsolek (married surname)
Born in 1912 , went to the NYFH at the age of 3 months. A1914 NYFH rider to Morrison County to Casper & Mary Gamroth in Royalton, MN. Her new parents lived in the North Prairie area.  A 13 year
old boy cared for her while she was on the train.  On January 20, 1949 a called  came from the mother's brother Jim.  He was crying and kept repeating "I found you" Eventually Jim and Josephine
met in April 1949. Within 3 days after her departure on the Orphan Train, her mother had gone to the orphanage to take her home.  Her uncle and mother walked the streets of News York looking to
find her.Josephine's mother died before they could be reunited.On January 19, 1932 married Leo Marsolek. They had 5 children and lived in the Little Falls, MN area.  
© Renee Wendinger and
Susan Keaveny Lehner
Denis-Dennis Daly-Dailey  (birth name) George (foster/adoptive name) deceased 7-9-1934 in Hillsboro, OR
1864 CAS Rider to Winona, MN to live with D J George at the age of 13 or 14.   Born December 20, 1851.  Married September 12, 1874 to Kate Kearney  in Winona, MN.    His death certificates lists
his father's name as "? Dennis" born in Dublin and his mother as "Ellen ?" born in "don't know."   This information is from his wife of 60 years,   From the Children's Aid Society - Dennis Daley was
place out of CAS on September 6, 1864.     Dennis' mother was dead and his father went away and was not heard from again.    Dennis went west with Mr. O'Connor, a CAS agent, to Winona, MN to
live with D.J.George.  The next and last entry was February 1883.  States that Mr. George moved to Minneapolis,. MN.
Mayme Genevieve Dewalt (birth name)  Marie Rothstein (adoptive/birth name) Lehman (married surname) deceased 1983
Born November 27, 1896.  Rode the orphan train  in 1900 or 1901 to Peter & Maria Rothstein family to Eden Valley, MN  Family history states she
either came from New York or Canada at the age of 4 or 5 years of age.  Married Peter John Lehman in 1915 (about 18 years of age) They had 5
children.   Lived in Breckenrdige, MN and then moved to Van Nuys, CA.  She had a tough life and was a servant at a young age and not much
better when she got married.                                                                                               
 Mayme - Young child -  Mayme - Young adult
Mary Demarest (birth name) Ovel (foster/adotpive name) Fettes (married surname)  Deceased  1963
1887 (approx) NYFH Rider to Iowa to the home of  Mr Gerhard & Mrs. Anna Ovel in Iowa.    Born January 2, 1885 in  City Hospital which was located on Welfare Island in the borough of Manhattan,
New York City. Mary was baptised in the Chapel of City Hospital shortly after her birth.  The date of baptism and the Priests name is not recorded at the NYFH.  Mary  was taken to the New York
Foundling Hospital at the age of 6 weeks by her mother on February 17, 1885 because her mother was not able to care for her.  Mary's mother surrendered her at the time of admission in the
hope that she would be placed with parents who could give her the necessities and afford her the opportunities she wanted for her, but was unable to provide.    Mary was placed in one of the
nurseries where she received good care until she was place in the home of Mr Gerhard & Mrs Anna Ovel of Iowa.  Mary made a good adjustment to this home, she was well provided for and
readily accepted as a family member   She married Fred Fettes and moved to Mantador, ND.    They lived there until their deaths in 1963.  Unfortunately records do not contain any information
concerning Mary's natural parents .The only information Mary's mother divulged at the time of her child's admission pertained to the child.  This Agency never had the opportunity to supplement the
information because after Mary was admitted to our care, no calls nor inquiries were ever received concerning her  
Mary Mildred Schwartz - her adopted daughter  who was also a Orphan Train Rider in 1916.
Alice Cronan (birth name) Cronan/Baer (foster/adoptive name) Stone (married surname    Deceased 1952 in Milwaukee, WI
Born 1878 in New York City   1884 (approx) rider to Durand, WI. to Catherine Coleman Baer at the age of 4 or 5.  Alice always kept her birth name of Cronan.  The family first thought Alice went to
Frazee, MN, but discovered she was raised in Durand, WI.  She was not adopted by Catherine, but was raised by Catherine.     It appears that when she got off the train, there was no one there for
her so Father  Joseph  Baur, the Catholic priest  took her to his housekeeper Catherine Coleman.   Catherine later married to William Baer  and they moved to Frazee, MN.  William and his brother
ran a large convenience store.  Alice was about 17 or 18 at that time.  About a year or so later met and married  Merton Stone in Frazee, MN  who had purchased the local paper.  Father Joseph
Baur along with several people in Durand, WI went to the wedding in Frazee and Father Joseph  Baur married Merton and Alice.  They name their first daughter Katherine Wilda,  Catherine and
William Baer were her Godparents.