Riders 3
Gerald Grey (birth name)Joseph Gould (foster/adoptive name)
Gerard Grey was born in New York City February 16, 1918 to Mary Grey and William Cleary.  Having nowhere to turn, Mary Grey relinquished her son to the New York Foundling
Hospital at the age of two weeks.  Gerard rode The Orphan Train to Bemidji, Minnesota in 1918 NYFH Rider,  settling with the Danie and Hattie Gould family.  Eventually  be became
Joe Gould.  He married his high school sweetheart, Eleanore Erickson in 1939. Joe enlisted and became a Navy man until the end of his life's work of Air Traffic Controller.  He retired  
in 1974, putting in 36 years of federal service, Navy and FAA.
More details in "Journeys of Hope"  Volume 5 of the orphan train riders own stories.  Not in print at this time.
Mary Fitzgerald (birth name)  Lamm  (married surname) (deceased 1956)
Born 1883. Mary was never adopted and lived with many families along the Canadiian border where French-Canadian was the spoken language.  Mary's outcome concluded in
Madelia, MN when she married Wendell Lamm. Mary died in 1956 but before her death she pulled Ann Haberbosh close and whispered, "what would I ever have done without you"
words spoken from a genuine mothers love. MN.  She was the adoptive mother of rider Anna Haberbosh.
Victoria Gennaro (birth name) Victoria Norton (foster/adoptive name) Moe (married surname) Deceased 5-3-2018
Born April 28, 1912.  1918 NYFH Rider to Easton, MN to Miss Lucy  Norton.
 Victoria as a young girl
Rose Garmon (birth name) Wimmer/ Thelen (adoptive name) Ringsmuth (married surname)(deceased10/04/1992) Rose Thelen (adoptive name)
Born October 11, 1896. 1913 NYFH Rider  to St Cloud, MN to
Sebastian Wimmer family.  Later to the home of Mathias Thelen family.
Stainislaw Irvin Farrell (birth name) Dobis (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 4/25/2010)
1918 NYFH rider. Stanislaw Irvin Farrell was born January 7, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York.  He was left at the New York Foundling Hospital at the age of 21 days by his biological mother,
Henrietta Farrell.  He rode The Orphan Train to Avon, (Stearns County), MN.  December 14, 1918, settling with Stanislaw and Ann Dobis who lived in St. Anna, MN.  This same day, a
little girl by the name of Helen Frazer, born July 26, 1916, also his sons name to Irvin.  As a long time postal employee.
More details in "The Journeys of Hope"  Volume 5 of the orphan train riders own stories.  Not in print at this time.
Amanda Fahr (birth name)  Brown (married surname)
1903 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN.
Ida Mae Fahr (birth name) Langworthy (foster/adoptive name)
1903 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to Langworthy family.
James Max Ferlander (birth name) Ross (foster/adoptive name)
1916 CAS Rider to Grand Rapids, MN to the Ross family.
Marie Fields (birth name) Marie Murphy (foster/adoptive name) Dorff (married surname) deceased 6/4/2013
Born 6/29/1915 . A 1915 NYFH Rider to Minneapolis, MN to the William & Elizabeth (Maggie) (nee McNeely) Murphy  family. Her adoptive mother was fond of calling Marie .Roseanna.
Marie would attempt to tell her adoptive mother her name was Marie, but the word came out as Bowie..so Bowie became her childhood nickname. Marie rode the Orphan Train to
Minneapolis, MN with one other from the NYFH in 1915 to the Minneapolis, depot called the Milwaukee.
Stephan Firicette (birth name) German (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fraser Township, MN to the James German family.
Willie Fischer (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN.
John Fitzpatrick (birth name)
1883 CAS Ruder to Pipestone, MN
Baby Girl Flynn (birth name) Byrnes/ Wermerschirchen (foster/adoptive name) Eileen Wermershirchen(adoptive name) Riordan (married surname) (deceased 9/19/2011)
Born September 23, 1915 at the New York Presbyterian Hospital as Baby Girl Flynn and taken to the New York Foundling home. At the age of 10 months she rode the Orphan Train to
Minnesota where she was first taken by Peter & Mary Byrnes of Iona, MN.  When Mary died approximately 3 years later Peter didn't feel that he could properly raise little Eileen without
Mary.  So Mary's brother John Wermerskirchen and his wife Doris (Dorothy) adopted her.  They also lived in Iona, and cherished their little daughter.  She was very pretty and petite, had
an incredible sense of humor and was the kindest person.  Like so many other adopted children she felt compelled to prove her worth and all through her life excelled at any endeavor
she was involved in. Eileen had a good home and education, graduated Valedictorian from high school, Salutatorian from college  and got her final PhD when she was 68 years old.
Eileen does not possess a birth certificate. Eileen taught school for one year, then went to Sioux City IA to St Vincent's Hospital to ger her RN degree and this is where she met her
husband John J Riordan. Together they had 3 children. Eileen died 9/19/2011 just 4 days shy of her 96th birthday.
Excerpts from the "Journey of Hope"  Volume 5 of the Riders Own
John Forstman (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, MN
Mary Forti (birth name) Whepley (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Chain Lake Center Township, MN  to the Edward Whepley family.
James W Franklin (birth name) Inglebret (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to York, MN to the Inglebret famiy.
Helen Frazer (birth name) Helen Dobis (foster/adoptive name) Schmainda (married surname) (deceased 4/24/15)
1918 NYFH rider.  Helen was born 7/26/1916 in New York City, NY   Sometime in her first year or two of life she was left at the New York Foundling Home in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 2
in 1918  she was taken by the Orphan Train to Avon, MN to the Stanley & Anna (Hennek) Dobis family. Helen and her brother Irvin (Farrell), adopted at the same time and at the same
age, were lovingly reared and cared for by their new parents in the apartment connected to the General Store in St Anna, MN.   Helen was to spend the rest of her working days in that
same store and apartment.  Helen married Stanley Schmainda in 1938 in  St Anna, MN
Eddie Frost (birth name) Humphries (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to the Humphries family.
George Gaido/Gaide (birth name) Oldridge (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS rider to Minneapolis, MN to the George Oldridge, family.
Pearl Gaido/Gaide (birth name) Ondler (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to the I E Ondler family.
Maria Gargona (birth name) Donlley/Tincombe (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to South Branch Township, MN to Mrs M Donlley/Tincombe home.
John Garrity (birth name)Revier (foster/adoptive name)
1917 CAS Rider to Franklin, MN/Dehli, MN to the Robert & Camilla Revier family  or Paul Revier Jr.
Emma Glender (birth name) Emma John (foster/adoptive name) Biermaier (married surname) (deceased 3/25/1972)
Born 1/24/1913. A  June 19, 1914 NYFH Rider to Sauk Centrem MN to the Joseph  & Gertrude John family of Browerville, MN.  She was 17 months old.  Biological parent - Emma
Glender.  She gave her child her given name.  Emma was turned over to the NYFH on 2/5/1913.  Emma married Rudolph  A Biermaier 11/22/1932 in Browerville, MN.
Charles Glines (birth name) Washington/Clines (foster/adoptive name)
1875-1880 CAS Rider to Warsaw Township, MN to George & Lydia (Washington) Clines family.
Richard Henry Godfrey (birth name)
1878 CAS Rider to St Charles, MN
Catherine Golden (birth name)
1900 CAS Rider to Ridge, MN
Joseph Goodison (birth name) Porter (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Nelson Township, MN to Mr Porter.
Marian Gray (birth name) Revier (foster/adoptive name)
1917 CAS Rider to Franklin, MN/Dehli, MN  to Paul Revier Jr. family or Robert & Camilla Revier
Denise Green (birth name) Sister Denise Green (Secular name)
1898 NYFH Rider to Avon, MN
James Greener (birth name) Zierden (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to New Munich, MN to the Zierden family.
George  H Greene (birth name) Zierden (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to New Munich, MN to the Zierden family.
Arthur Greenwood (birth name) Hanson (foster/adoptive name)
1880 CAS Rider to Albert Lea, MN to the Hanson family.
Thomas Grey (birth name)  Tommy Hesch (foster/adoptive name)
1900 NYFH Rider to Little Falls, MN to the Martin Hesch family, later replaced to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Charles Haag/Haug (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Nashville Centre Township, MN to J H Smith family.
Ann Haberbosh (birth name) Ann Lamm (foster/adoptive name) Schrankler (married surname) (deceased 5/15/2010)
Born 1/12/1909.  A 1910 NYFH rider at the age of 22 months.  Ann wore a red ribbon with the number 19 imprinted, and pinned to her coat's lapel.Rode to Mankato,
MN to Wendell & Mary Lamm of Madelia, MN, Wendell and Mary Lamm loved to spoil their little girl, and loved her very mcuh.  Ann married Floyd Schrankler 9/2/1903.  
Mrs  Mary Lamm was Orphan Train Rider Mary Fitzgerald                                                                                                                                     Ann Haberbosh
Pauline Hahn (birth name) Lauerman (foster/adoptive name) Reischl (married surname) Deceased 8/8/1967
Born 11/4/1910  to Walter & Mary Hahn.  She was put up for adoption due to her father left the family because of a drinking problem.  Rider to St Joseph, MN to the
Lauerman family.     Married to Joseph S Reischl   in St Joseph, MN  on 12/10/1931.. She was adopted by the Lauerman family, the reason she was adopted was
they wanted a girl after having 7 boys.  Her mother Katherina died a couple years after adoptng Pauline.   Hse was raised with her 7 brothers and her father.   
Pauline had an aunt Mrs Frank Semran from Dover, New Jersey.   .  Her parents Walter & Mary Hahn worked at a hotel on the Jersey Shore.  Her father Walter died
worked at the inn and died of a drinking related complication.
Photo of Pauline the day she was adopted
John Hale (birth name) Grogan (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Riverdale Township, MN to N J Grogan family.
William Hall (birth name) Kelly (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Carrolton, Mn to the Kelly family.
Charles Halpin (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Dorothy Hamburg (birth name) Dorothy Fast (foster/adoptive name) Gephard(married surname) (deceased 2/2/2005)
Born 8/15/1915 to Anna Olsen of Sweden and Charles Hamburg. A 1917 NYFH Rider to St Paul, transported to New Ulm, MN.  Married Ralph Gephart.  Ralph died 12/13/1994.
James Hamilton (birth name)  Bice (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to G C Bice family.
Lillian Martha  Harris (birth name) Town (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Antrim Township, MN to B A Town family.
Alfred Harris (birth name) Hansman (foster/adoptive name
1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN to the Alfred Hansman family.
Raymond Harris (birth name) Dombovys (foster/adoptive name)
Born Jan 9, 1896.1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN to Raymond Dombovys family.  Raymond kept his birth name.  He lived in Pierz, MN
Frances Fager (birth name) Puchalla (adoptive name) Wodarck (married surname) (deceased 6/18/1996)
Frances was born in 1898, 1901 NYFH Rider to Royalton, MN to the Joseph & Frances Puchalla family.  Married Stanely Wodarck in LIttle Falls, MN.
Amelia Fredericks (birth name) Buckley (foster/adoptive name) Christopherson (married surname)
1904 CAS Rider to Byron, MN to the John Buckley family.
Hefferman, Josephine (birth name) Settle (foster/adoptive name) Bauer (married surname) (deceased 9/15/1994)
Born 1914 on Manhattan Island in New York, NY. A 1921 NYFH Rider to Foxborough, WI to meet her foster family who gave her a new name, Jeanette Josephine Settle.  A few years
later her new family moved to St Francis, MN.  Married Fred Wiliam Bauer.
Giovanni Gauna (birth name)Schutt (foster adoptive parents) John Thomas (foster/adoptive name)(deceased 8/30/1993)
Born December 28, 1909  in Manhattan, New York. to Maria (Gauna) Miro.  Adoptive parents Frank & Bridget Schutt.    Bridget remarried after Frank's death to Anton Thomas in 1920.
Rode an Orphan Train  Glen Ullin, to North Dakota on 9/18/1912.  An older boy by the name of John Day came on the same train with John Thomas going to another relative.  Later,
John Day ran away and went to the state of Washington.
Marjorie Evans (birth name) Marjorie Orth (foster/adoptive name) Marjorie Shuh (married surname)(deceased December 2001)
Born 8/30/1911 in Brooklyn, NY to a single Welsh school teacher by the name of Mary Evans who traveled to the USA via steam ship in May, 1911. Mary aEvans gave Marjorie to the
Sisters of Charity at the NYFH 9/12/11, claiming she was destitute and unable to care for her daughter. Mary Evans was a 35 year old single teacher in Rhtmney, Wales in 1911 and
required descreet management of the pregnancy issue.  Hence the travel to the USA. A 1913 NYFH Rider to Little Falls, MN to Jacob & Katherine Orth family.  Moved to Black Duck, MN.
On August 31, 1933 Marjorie married Edward Schuh.
Bernard Frank Goodnough (birth name)
1890-1900  Rider to Frank Goodnough
Peter Gruba (birth name)
Rode in 1912
Helen Hawks  (birth name)
1904 CAS Rider
Francis Graham (birth name) Frank James Schneider (foster/adoptive name)
Born September 28, 1903, he rode the train  New York Foundling Hospital in 1906.  Rode train to Langdon, ND.   He was adopted by Jacob and Mary Schneider in Langdon, ND.
Lillian Mary Freeman (birth name) Cosgrove (foster/adoptive name) Karakas (married surname) deceased  10-16-1981
Mary was born February 15, 1916 at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.   She was baptized two days later at Our Lady of Scapular of Mount Carmel.  Her parents were Richard and Mary
(Smith) Freeman.  Lillian and her mother went to her grandmother's (Catherine Smith's) when discharged from the hospital.  She was given to the New York Foundling Society a few
days later.  3 years later Lillian boarded an Orphan Train and became the foster daughter of Edward and Josephine Cosgrove in Detroit Lakes, MN.    It was a tough life.     She lived and
raised 5 children in Virginia, MN almost single handedly with the utmost compassiion, strength, faith and love.   She died on this day October 16, 1981 in Duluth MN.
Harry Harper (birth name) Jung (foster/adoptive name)
Born in New York 1894.  Harry rode the orphan train to Fergus Falls, MN on November 23, 1899.  He was adopted by Peter & Anna Jung  
through the Sisters of Charity.                                                                                        His tag # was 13  Picture of Harry Harper Jung
Anna Hondaras  Gattis (birth name) Kunkel (foster/adoptive name) Willy (married surname)
NYFH rider to St Cloud, MN to the Kunkel family at the age of three
Helen Gartner (birth name) Barczynski (foster/adoptive name)Spiczka (married surname) deceased 10/3/2000
Born October 19, 1912  at St Anna's Maternity New York City, NY, to George
Astburg (US Citizen) and Lottie Gartner (born in Germany) She was 2 years old when she rode the train  
to the home of Thomas & Theodora Barczynski from Gilman, MN. Married Valerian "Boots" Spiczka July 23, 1935 in St Cloud, MN.  Lived on a farm in Gilman, MN  They had 5 children,
Constance, Robert, Valerian JR, Judy & Richard.  Passed away in 2000 and is buried in Gilman, MN.
© Renee Wendinger and
Susan  Keaveny Lehner
Axel Erickson (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnegago, MN.
Marion Essig (birth name) Heutmaker (foster/adoptive name)
1914 CAS Rider to Chaska, MN to the Heutmaker family.
Mary Irene Foley (birth name) Aschenbrenner (foster/adoptive name) Zormeir (married surname)
Mary (Mayme) rode the train in 1902 to Rice, MN at the age of 2.  She took the nickname of Mayme because there were so many Mary's  in her school  The Aschenbrenner family
fostered her until the age of 13.   She was not formally adopted.    She was not taken in right off the train, but stayed with the parish priest and was cared for by his housekeeper until a
family could be found to take her in.
Joseph Max Ferlander/Furlander (birth name)  James Max Ross (foster/adoptive name) deceased  1938
1916 NYFH rider .  Born May 5, 1913 in Beth Israel Hospital, New York.  He was adopted by James and Myrtle Ross possible to  Grand Rapids, MN or Remer, MN. He was raised on a
farm in Cass County. They had two daughters older than him (Francis and Nancy).  He was possibly a Belgium war orphan who came to America to be adopted.   , also stated on his
birth certificate.   He was requested by the Ross family. Went to a county school (known as the "Ross School"  He was legally adopted at the age of 9.   They changed his names to
James Max Ross.  , However he was never legally named James.  All papers state his name as Joseph Max Ross.  
E Ehrmann (birth name) McCadden (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Rutland Township, MN to the W G McCadden family
Harry Eidenweil/Eldenweil (birth name) Peters (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Stewartville, MN to the Peters family.
Jennie Eltensted (birth name) Luff (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to the John Luff family.
Amelia Engle (birth name) Newell (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to the C G Newell family.
Otto Englebert (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Judge, MN.
Helen Fallon (Birth name) Laurine Parent (foster/adoptive name)    Deceased  10/17/1989
Helen was born December 22, 1915  . She was left by her mother Helen Fallon.  NYFH Rider in  at the age of 3 years  & 1 month years old . Her birth certificate # was 64667 under
Helen.  Her case # in the NYFH was 5734.      She was placed with   Emile & Mary Parent of Argyle, MN.   She was legally adopted  by Emile and Mary Parent on December 14. 1918 and
her name was changed to Laurine Parent.     Laurine lived most of her life in Argyle, MN.     She traveled in her early life but came back to live with her parents until her death in 1989.   
She  is buried at St Rose Cemetery in Argyle, MN    She never married.......