Riders 4
Sophia  Kaminsky/Kamin (birth name)Sophia Greim (foster/adoptive name) Hillesheim-Kral (married surname)  Deceased 5/22/2016
Born April 23, 1915 at Villa Avenue, Bronx, New York. At 5 1/2 months old she was placed in the New York Foundling Hospital on October 9, 1915.  Sophia rode the
Orphan Train to Minneapolis, MN, arriving June 30, 1917, at the age of two and was received by
Joseph and Mary Duda. Saved from a return trip to New York in
January 1919 four year old Sophia was placed in the home of Mrs. Anna Greim. Circumstances with her prior placement proved unsatisfactory.  Sophia married
Charles Hillesheim on June 4, 1936 in Springfield, MN. T hey raised five children.  She was widowed in 1966,  Sophia married Raymond Kral February 14, 1985 in
Sleepy Eye, MN and again became widowed in 2007.  In 2009 Sophia is ninety four years old, very active and intellectually vibrant. Sophia says "I don't have a birth
certificate, but I'm here"
 Four year old Sophia's first  Four year old Sophia's photograph in Springfield, MN
More details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume 3.
Renee Wendinger, daughter of Sophia Kral, Author of "Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York"
a collection of stories of children who faced nearly insurmountable odds.
Bertha Jones  was born November 25, 1916.
1918 CAS Rider to Little Rock, IA to Jans & Jennie Visker family.  Lived in Minnesota
Rachel Jones (birth name) Visker (foster/adoptive name) Kor (married surname) (deceased 11/16/2004)
Born 12/25/1913. A 1918 CAS Rider to Little Rock, IA to Jans & Jennie Visker family.  Lived in Minnesota Both girls rode an Orphan Train to Little Rock, Iowa.
Rachel & Bertha are sisters
Annie Johnson (birth name) Wilma Neseth/Rouning (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN to Neseth or Rouning family.
Harry Johnson (birth name) Winn (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to Joshua Winn family.
John Johnson (birth name) John Schumacher (foster/adoptive name)
1866 CAS Rider to Adams, MN to Schumacher family.
Willie Johnson (birth name) Wofgram/Heidtke (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN to Wolfgram/Heidtke family
Louis Jones (birth name) Bradley/Ellis (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN to Bradley/Ellis family.
Irving Joynt (birth name) Rybarczyk (foster/adoptive name)
1916 NYFH Rider to Winona, MN to the John Rybarczyk family.
August Kaherbeck (birth name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN.  Returned to New York in 1908
Alfred Keeling (birth name) Donley (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to South  Branch Township, MN Watonwan County  to Mrs M Donley
Samuel Keeling (birth name) Marsden (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to South Branch Township,, Watonwan County, MN to Thomas Marsden family
Anna Kelly (birth name) Brown (foster/adoptive name) Finnegan (married surname)
Rider to the Brown family.
William Hunecke (birth name) Cary (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Stewartville, MN to the Cary family
Daniel Humphrey (birth name) Englehart (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Racine, MN to Englehart family
Calvin Humphrey (birth name) Geer/Giere (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Stewartville, Mn to the Ole A Geer/Giere family
George Huggard (birth name)
1903 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, Wabasha County,  MN
Benjamin Dale Huggard (birth name)
1903 CAS Rider to Plainview Township Wabasha County, Minnesota
Edna H Hudson (birth name)  Snare (foster/adoptive name)Velta (married surname) (deceased  1/30/1995)
Born 3/3/1905. A 1906 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to Ernest Snare family. Married to Herman Velta
William James Hope (birth name) Petterson (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to Fred Petterson family.
Claude Hoagland (birth name) Haugen (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN to S K Haugen family.
Juliette Hinkley (birth name) Kofoky (foster/adoptive name)
1914 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to the Kofoky family.
Madelyn Hills (birth name) Lena Minette (foster/adoptive name)
1898 Rider to Sauk Centre, MN to the Minette family.
Charles Hening (birth name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN.
Anto Jnouskey (birth name)
1899 CAS rider to Lime Springs, Iowa along with his half sister Tilla Remer
Russell Hempstead (birth name)
1914 CAS Rider to Jackson, MN
Victor Ernest  Hempstead (birth name) Wilcox (foster/adoptive name)
1914 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to the Wilcox Family.
John Henderson (birth name)
1905 CAS Rider to Skyberg, MN.  Returned to stepsister in Hornell, NY in 1906
Joseph Kabeech, Kabedch, Kabedeh (birth name) Roch (foster/adoptive name)
Late 1880's rider to Morrison County.  When the train was ready to leave one little boy remained, a little Negro boy.  John & Clara Roch of St Cloud, MN put in a claim for Joseph.Clara loved Joe's kind
kind spirit and loved him aas much as her own children.  Joe got along well with the local youngsters, but the elders of the city did not taking a liking to his color.  One morning Clara found Joe not in
his bed, and his morning chores waiting..he was gone, and she never found him again.
Charles Frederick Hendricks (birth name) Bickford (foster/adoptive name)
Born 1872. A 1872 NYO (New York Orphan Asylum) Rode the Orphan Train to Westford, MN to the J F Bickford family in Westford Township, MN,  Martin County.
in 1888 Charles went to live with Mr Henry Barker in Ruthland Township,  Minnesota Martin County.
The following entries in the log books dated April , 1884 The Children's Aid Society:
Chas Hendricks, American, age 11 NYO (NY Orphan Asylum).  The orphan asylum was a type of  group home for orphaned children.  Many orphan train riders
came through this institution. Charles was placed  with J F Bickford, in Westford, MN (Martin County).  On December 13, 1885, there is a note pertaining to a
letter that Mr. Bickford wrote, stating that Charles is with him and he is healthy, truthful, and conscientious.    In April 1886, there is a note from Mr Sherman of
NY Orphan Asylum stating that Charles is doing quite well in his placement.  There is a gap, with the next entry coming on January 13, 1889.   Mr Bickford wrote
a letter stating that Charles was with him until last June when he left against Mr. Bickford's wishes.  He is now living with Mr Henry Barker, in Rutland, MN
(Martin County).  Mr Bickford does not think it is a desirable place and tried to dissuade Charles otherwise.  Mr Bickford stated that Charles uses He stated that
Charles is working out for the present season, and is being paid a rate of $20.00/month.  Last season he was paid $18.00/month  He hired him last season
and he lives with him when he is out of work.  He provided a summer address for Charles, Blue Earth City, Minnesota.   This was the final successful entry in
the book. Letters to Charles were written in 1893, 1895, and 1895 which were all returned.  The letters were forwarded to all of his known addresses.  Letters
to Mr Barker were returned as well. Additional information found in April 2012 from the New York Historical Society.   Charles was born in Germany on June 10,
1871.  His father Ferdinand, died in Germany of delirium tremors in 1877.  His mother Elizabeth, die of cancer on September 8, 1879.  He was taken in by his
uncle, Charles Voss, who promised his mother he would take care of him.  Unfortunately, Mr Voss was not able to take care of him as well as he would have
liked to, so Charles was admitted to the asylum on March 9, 1881, at the age of 11.  He was discharched to the Children's Aid Society to go west on the Orphan
Train on April 1, 1884.  Charles had been baptized at the time of his admission.  He had three siblings:  A sister living in Germany, and two brothers who were
able to support themselves.
Carl Josephson (birth name)
1919 CAS rider to Fredericksburg, IA.  Rode with Paul Yurrick.   Carl went to New Hampton Ia.
Frank Hoffman (birth name) Hemann (foster/adoptive name)
Born 1880.  An 1885 rider to Staceyville, IA.   Later moved to Minnesota
© Renee Wendinger and Susan
Keaveny Lehner
Augusta, William, Ernest Heilman (birth names)
1901 CAS rider.The girls rode an Orphan Train to Minnesota and the boys rode an Orphan Train to Iowa.   The siblings did see each other as often as possible.
Clotilda Sophie Heinz (birth name) Schemmel (adoptive/foster name)DeFrance (married surname) deceased 1951
Clotilda was born 1884, she was dropped off at the New York Foundling when she was 1 day old.   At the age of 2 she rode to train to Diresville, Iowa.   She was adopted by the Schemmel family.   
Later moving to Barrett, MN.  Her step brother was Clem Schemmel from Tintah, MN.   Two of her Granddaughter RoseMarie Johnson lives in Barrett, MN and a Grandson Gary DeFrance lives in
Maple Grove, MN.
Emma Heilman (birth name) Emma Jurish (foster/adoptive name) Hare (married surname) (deceased 10/3/1985)
1901CAS Rider. Emma's parents were Johann & Susanna (Mosinger) Heilmann.  Emma & Augusta  were sent to the Nursery & Childs Hospital, Staten Island New Yo9rk.  William & Erneset were
sent to Sheltering Arms Boys Home. Emma was placed in the home of
E.E. Jurish of Cherry Grove, Minnesota.  In 1915 she was married.  She became a teacher.  She died October 3, 1985 at the
age of 97.
 More details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume 2".  May be purchased through the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America.
Rose Hill (birth name) Thompson (foster/adoptive name) Born 1914
James Hill (birth name) Thompson (foster/adoptive name)  Born 1915
Adopted by Clyde & Lulu Thompson.
Birth parents Nathan & Mary Jane Hill
Josephine A Close
(birth name)  Pierce (foster/adoptive name)  Born 1919.  Adopted by Charles & Gladys Pierce
Alberta A Close (birth name) Geuther (foster/adoptive name)  Born in 1917.  Adoptive by Alvin & Mathida Geuther
Emerson L Close (birth name) Townsend (foster/adoptive name)   Born in 1921.   Adoptive by William & Sibyle Townsend.
Birth parents James and Mary Jane Close.
Mary Jane Hill/Close is the mother to all 5 children
.    The children were all taken in to families in the Waverly, Iowa Area.   
All of the children rode the train on  September 19,1922 CAS Orphan Train Riders to  Waverly, Iowa Area.
Lillian Martha  Harris (birth name) Town (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Antrim Township/Watonwan County, MN to B A Town family.
Alfred Harris (birth name) Hansman (foster/adoptive name
1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN to the Alfred Hansman family.
Raymond Harris (birth name) Dombovys (foster/adoptive name)
Born Jan 9, 1896.1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN to Raymond Dombovys family.  Raymond kept his birth name.  He lived in
Pierz, MN
Hefferman, Josephine (birth name) Settle (foster/adoptive name) Bauer (married surname) (deceased 9/15/1994)
Born 1914 on Manhattan Island in New York, NY. A 1921 NYFH Rider to Foxborough, WI to meet her foster family who gave her a new name, Jeanette Josephine Settle.  A few years later her new
family moved to St Francis, MN.  Married Fred Wiliam Bauer.
Helen Hawks  (birth name)
1904 CAS Rider
Harry Harper (birth name) Jung (foster/adoptive name)
Born in New York 1894.  Harry rode the orphan train to Fergus Falls, MN on November 23, 1899.  He was adopted by Peter & Anna Jung  through the
Sisters of Charity.      His tag # was 13  Picture of Harry Harper Jung
Pauline Hahn (birth name) Lauerman (foster/adoptive name) Reischl (married surname) Deceased 8/8/1967
Born 11/4/1910, 1910 CAS rider  to Walter & Mary Hahn.  She was put up for adoption due to her father left the family because of a drinking problem.  Rider to St Joseph, MN to
the Lauerman family.     Married to Joseph S Reischl   in St Joseph, MN  on 12/10/1931.. She was adopted by the Lauerman family, the reason she was adopted was they
wanted a girl after having 7 boys.  Her mother Katherina died a couple years after adoptng Pauline.  She was raised with her 7 brothers and her father.   Pauline had an aunt Mrs
Frank Semran from Dover, New Jersey.   .  Her parents Walter & Mary Hahn worked at a hotel on the Jersey Shore.  Her father Walter died worked at the inn and died of a
drinking related complication.
John Hale (birth name) Grogan (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Riverdale Township//Watonwan County, MN to N J Grogan family.
William Hall (birth name) Kelly (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Carrolton, Mn to the Kelly family.
Charles Halpin (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Dorothy Hamburg (birth name) Dorothy Fast (foster/adoptive name) Gephard(married surname) (deceased 2/2/2005)
Born 8/15/1915 to Anna Olsen of Sweden and Charles Hamburg. A 1917 NYFH Rider to St Paul, transported to New Ulm, MN.  Married Ralph
Gephart.  Ralph died 12/13/1994.
Gerald Grey (birth name)Joseph Gould (foster/adoptive name)
Gerard Grey was born in New York City February 16, 1918 to Mary Grey and William Cleary.  Having nowhere to turn, Mary Grey relinquished her son to the New York
Foundling Hospital at the age of two weeks.  Gerard rode The Orphan Train to Bemidji, Minnesota in 1918 NYFH Rider,  settling with the Danie and Hattie Gould family.  
Eventually  be became Joe Gould.  He married his high school sweetheart, Eleanore Erickson in 1939. Joe enlisted and became a Navy man until the end of his life's
work of Air Traffic Controller.  He retired  in 1974, putting in 36 years of federal service, Navy and FAA.
More details in "Journeys of Hope"  Volume 5 of the orphan train
riders own stories.  Not in print at this time.
Ann Haberbosh (birth name) Ann Lamm (foster/adoptive name) Schrankler (married surname) (deceased 5/15/2010)
Born 1/12/1909.  A 1910 NYFH rider at the age of 22 months.  Ann wore a red ribbon with the number 19 imprinted, and pinned to her coat's lapel.Rode to Mankato, MN to
Wendell & Mary Lamm of Madelia, MN, Wendell and Mary Lamm loved to spoil their little girl, and loved her very mcuh.  Ann married Floyd Schrankler 9/2/1903.

Mrs  Mary Lamm was Orphan Train Rider Mary Fitzgerald                                                                  
Thomas Grey (birth name)  Tommy Hesch (foster/adoptive name)
1900 NYFH Rider to Little Falls, MN to the Martin Hesch family, later replaced to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Charles Haag/Haug (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Nashville Centre Township/Martin County, MN to J H Smith family.
Peter Gruba (birth name)
Rode in 1912
Denise Green (birth name) Sister Denise Green (Secular name)
1898 NYFH Rider to Avon, MN
James Greener (birth name) Zierden (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to New Munich, MN to the Zierden family.
George  H Greene (birth name) Zierden (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to New Munich, MN to the Zierden family.
Arthur Greenwood (birth name) Hanson (foster/adoptive name)
1880 CAS Rider to Albert Lea, MN to the Hanson family.
Marian Gray (birth name) Revier (foster/adoptive name)
1917 CAS Rider to Franklin, MN/Dehli, MN  to Paul Revier Jr. family or Robert & Camilla Revier
Bernard Frank Goodnough (birth name)
1890-1900  Rider to Frank Goodnough
Francis Graham (birth name) Frank James Schneider (foster/adoptive name)
Born September 28, 1903, he rode the train  New York Foundling Hospital in 1906.  Rode train to Langdon, ND.   He was adopted by Jacob and Mary Schneider in Langdon, ND.
Josephine A Close
Charles Frederick Hendricks 39
years of age
Harry's tage # 13                    Harry Harper
Pauline Hahn the day
she was adopted
Ann Haberbosh