Riders 7
Antoinette Steppe (birth name) Fielder (foster/adoptive name) Runnpage (married surname)
1900 Rider to St Joseph, MN to Elizabeth & Constand Fielder family
Ina Lillian Stevens (birth name) Warner (married surname)
1898-1902 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
William Stevenson (birth name) Hoffman (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to F Hoffman Jr family
William Stike (birth name) Baker (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Cherry Grove, MN to the Baker family
Henry Straiton (birth name)  Hasse (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS rider to Fountanelle Township, MN  to the J M Hasse family
Harriet Styba (birth name)
1916 NYFH Rider to Winona, MN
Henry Styles (birth name) Moore (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fraser Township, MN to the J W Moore family
William Styles (birth name) Hall (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Center Creek Township, MN to the Alonza B Hall family
K J Sui-lle (birth name) Tayler (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Rutland Township, MN to R N Taylor family
Helen Stone (birth name)Helen Guck (adoptive/foster name) Helen Kosel (married surname)
Helen rode the train from New York City, to St Stephen, MN in 1889.  Helen's name was changed to Guck when she was 12 years old, or became of age.  The Foundling Home
released control of her and Helen became indentured to the family (an early form of adoption)
Maggie Stephens (birth name) Bradford (foster/adoptive name)
1882 Rider to Riverdale Township, MN to M Bradford family
Fred Stenger (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Joseph Stauber (birth name) Sabin (foster/adoptive name)
1910 CAS Rider to Walnut Grove, MN to the  J A Sabin family.  From Brace Farm School
James Stapleton (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone County, MN
Andrew Spring (birth name) John Watson (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fraser, MN to the Watson family.  Andrew became known as John Watson
Margaret Spiller (birth name) Dorothy Javoz/Forcier (foster/adoptive name)
1916 Rider to Byrd Island, MN to the Javoz/Forcier family. She was known as Dorothy Javoz or Dorothy Forcier
Rose Solundek (birth name) Dulek (foster/adoptive name)
1916 NYFH Rider to Winona, MN to the Dulek family
Thomas Snow (birth name) Bienick (foster/adoptive name)
1918 NYFH Rider to Bowlus, MN to the Bienick family
Willie Snedicker (birth name) Watson (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Jay Township, MN to J R Watson family
William Frank Smith (birth name) Meyer (foster/adoptive name)
1895 Rider to Buckman, MN to the Meyer family
William "Willie" Smith (birth name)
1914 Rider to Fergus Falls, MN
Louise Smith (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone County,  MN
Lizzie Smith (birth name) Hove (married surname)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
George Smith (birth name) Leatherman (foster/adoptive name)
1899 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN to George Leatherman family
Elsie Smith (birth name) Elsie Zawarski (foster/adoptive name) Kantor/Chmielewski (married surname) (deceased 6/26/1993)
1914 NYFH Rider to Foley, MN.   Baptised in the Hospital Chapel.  Was brought by train to Foley, Minnesota in 1914 and placed with James and  Caroline Zaworski of Gilman,
Minnesota.  She was legally adopted.  The family had five other children.  Elsie married Frank Kantor and they had eight children.  Frank died in 1972 and she remarried Steve
More details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their own stories Volume 1"  Purchase from Orphan Train Heritage Society of America
Charles Smith (birth name) St John (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fraser Township, MN to Mrs M E St James family
Bettie Smith (birth name) Veltum (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Thomas Veltum family
Henry Shaffer (birth name) Graham (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Tenhassen Township, MN to Ezra Graham family
James Shaffrey (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Jeremiah Shaw (birth name) Older (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Pleasant Prairie Township, MN to S R Older family
Katie Shea (birth name) Tibbs (foster/adoptive name)
Rider to Faribault, MN to the Tibbs family
Herbert E Slagle (birth name)
1867 CAS Ridr to Blue Earth, MN
August Schuck (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
John Schuck (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Alice Selttey/Setley (birth name given to her by Child Welfare) Alyce Theisen (foster/adoptive name) Sullivan (married surname) (deceased  1987)
Born 2/2/1909,  Alyce was found in a vacant lot in Brooklyn, NY by a woman.  She was given to the police and delivered to the city nurse.  .  Child Welfare named her Alice Setley and
gave her the birthdate of 2/2/1909.  She was given up to the NYFH 2/16/1909. A 1910 NYFH Rider to Albany, MN to Nicholas Theisen family.  Birth name given She married Joseph
Carrie Schroeder (birth name) Knapp (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, MN to the Knapp family
Frances Schroeder (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, MN
Lillian Schroeder (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Plainview Township, MN
Mary Scholastic Scholl (birth name) Laible (adoptive/foster name) Buscher (married surname) (deceased10/05/2002)
Mary was born February 5, 1911 when she was 11 days old she, February 16, 1911, taken to the New York Foundling Home at 175 East 68th Street, New York City,
New York. When she was 10 months old she was taken west on an Orphan Train.  She went to Stuart, Nebraska where she was place in the home of Mr & Mrs John
Laible.  Mrs & Mrs Laible dies when Mary was in high school.   Mary worked for room and board with little money to finish her education.  She persisted through hard
times and completed the Normal Training course along with her high school studies. married her husband Mark Buscher.  In 1960 she was instrumental in starting
the organization of Minnesota Orphan Train Riders, that still continues today with annual reunions. Mary passed away October 5, 2002
.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mary 11 year old
Jennie Schmidt (birth name) Palmer (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Mrs J W Palmer
Odelie Schmidt (birth name) Palmer (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Mrs. J W Palmer
Mary Schneider (birth name) Wilhelm (foster/adoptive name)
1914 NYFH Rider to St Paul, MN to Louis Wilhelm family
Louise Anna Schoof (birth name) Mees (foster/adoptive name)
1910 Rider to G----------Township, MN to Mees family
Henry Schaupy/Schaupye (birth name) Miller (foster/adoptive name)
1902 CAS Rider to Dodge Center,Chatfield, Plainview, MN to Henry Miller family
Helen Schissel (birth name)
1910 Rider to Minneapolis, MN
Gertrude Schmidt (birth name) Jones (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Mrs J L Jones
Harry Schmidt (birth name) Schnelling (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to N Schnelling family
Herbert Schmidt (birth name) Hartung (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Joseph Hartung family
Harry Schafer/Schaffer (birth name) Graham (foster/adoptive name)
1884 NYFH (New York Home of the Good Shepherd) Rider to Fairmont, MN to Ezra Graham
Adelaide Schaefer (birth name) Schumacher (foster/adoptive name)
1888 CAS Rider to Adams, MN to Gertrude Schumacher
Alice Sakey (birth name)
1888 rider
Alice Russell (birth name)
1899/1918 Rider to Avon or St Cloud, MN
John Rutland (birth name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN
Madeline Ryan (birth name)  Henie (foster/adopotive name) Ditzler (married surname)
1916 Rider to Willmar, MN to the Henie family
Erwin J. "Rivits" Rybarczyk (birth name unknown - Rybarczyk (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 4/10/2000)
Born 2/14/1914 in New York City.  Rider to Winona, MN 1916  Adopted by John  & Salomia Rybarczyk. Married Bernadine M Michalowski 2/19/1953
Basuk Ruki (birth name) Basil Kolosky (foster/adoptive name) deceasted 8/23/1982
Born 6/17/1892. A 1899 NYFH Rider to Georgetown, MN to Joseph  & Sophia Kolosky family.  His remaining family members state his surname was of an oriental background sound
©Renee Wendinger and
Susan Keaveny Lehner
George Rothert (birth name) Brennen (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Worthington,MN to John Brennen family
Fred Roucher (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Henry Ruitter (birth name)
1883 CAS (Home for Friendless) Rider to Oakland Township, MN
Jeromita Simmons (Foster/adoptive name) Gordon (Married name) deceased 10/21/1977
Born in 1891 in New York.   She was possibly adopted to a family that may have lived in Forest Lake, MN.  Married Syver B Gordon July 7, 1938 in Sious Falls, SD.     They made their
home in Westbrook, MN. Later she  moved to St Paul, MN about 1970. She died in 1977 and us possibly buried in Forest Lake, MN.     Her father, unnamed was born in New York, her
mother unnamed was born in Sweden.   Her native language according to the 1940 US Federal Census was German
Anna Rosen (birth name) Nichols (foster/adoptive name) Vondrachek (married surname) decease August 21, 1982
Anna was born 11-15-1896, she rode the Orphan Train from New York to North Dakota in 1898/1899 at the age of 2 or 3.. She was taken in by Joseph and Mary Nichols family (spelled
Nickol in the 1900 census), spelled Michols, Michals and Nichols (in the 1910 census due to handwriting differences.)  In the 1900 census she is listed as age 3, name Anne Rosen.  
The family listed two children age 1 and 2-1/2, who apparently died by the 1910 census.   There is potentially another rider listed, a 13 year old named Joseph Thorne.  The census
lists their home as Lake Henry, MN (Stearns County).  Anna is listed on the 1910 census for the family along with 6 more children.  The listing is for Lake George, Stearns, MN.  She is
not listed on the 1920  census with 6 children plus one more when apparently sent to live with the sister of Mary Nichols, due to the now large family size.  She married Emil E
Vondrachek on October 30, 1918 in El Rosa, MN
Mary Mildred Schwartz (birth name) Fettes (foster/adoptive name) Lingen (married surname)  deceased 8/10/2003
12/18/1916 NYFH rider to Marshall, MN.  Mary was born 9/3/1914 in the Lying-In- Hospital (which is now a part of the New York Hospital) located at 525 East 68th Street, New York
Mildred is the natural born child of Augusta Rock and Albert Schwartz.  Mary Mildred was baptised on September 15, 1914 at the church of Epiphany located in New York City.  The
name of the Priest is not recorded.  Mary Mildred was cared for by her natural parents until October 14, 1914, when she was brought to the New York Foundling Hospital by her mother,
who was unable to provide proper care for her child.  Mary Mildred was placed in one of the nurseries where she received good care. Mary Mildred was placed temporarily in the home
of Mrs Connor o
f  Whitestone, Queens, New York.    She remained in this home  until June 21, 1917.  Mary Mildred was then placed in the home of Mr Fred & Mrs Mary Fettes of
Marshall, Minnesota on June 30, 1917.  She made a good adjustment at this home was well provided for and readily accepted as a family member. Mary Mildred
's foster parents
submitted an application for the placement of a child in their home to the New York Foundling Hospital on December 18, 1916.  On this application, Mr & Mrs Fettes specified that they
desired to have a female child of about one year old with dark brown hair and eyes.   Mary (Demarest) Fettes had been a child of the New York Foundling Hospital.  After marrying Fred
Fettes on Jan 6, 1908, in Iowa and becoming the natural mother to three children; Lawrence, Loretta and Bernard, Mary Demarest-Fettes felt she  would like to care for a child from this
Agency.   Mrs & Mrs Fettes dearly loved Mary Mildred.   However, in this home she became known as Mildred and was thought of as one of Mr & Mrs Fettes own children.    Mildred was
Indentured (an early form of adoption)  to Mr & Mrs Fettes on July 18, 1917
.  At this time Mr & Mrs Fettes felt she should now be know as Mildred Fettes.    Mildred attended school where
she did well in her studies
.  Records do not state how far Mildred went to school.   Mildred attended Mass weekly and received the Sacraments monthly.  Unfortunately, there is no
notation concerning Mildred's First Holy Communion and Confirmation.    In October 1919 Mr & Mrs Fettes relocated their family to Mantador, North Dakota..    Mr & Mrs Fettes dearly
loved Mildred and felt that they wanted to secure her position in their family.   On June 1, 1920 Mr Fred & Mrs Mary (Demasrest/Ovel) Fettes legally adopted Mary Mildred Schwartz.   She
then legally became Mildred Fettes.  At this time supervision by this Agency
(NYFH) ceased.   In 1936 Mrs Mary Fettes contacted this Agency  (NYFH) requesting an updated copy of
's baptismal certificate because Mildred was to be  married to John Lingen.   The exact date and place where this marriage took place is not recorded.  Our records do state that
at the wedding the bride
,  Mildred was attended by her sister Loretta May 19, 1936.  They changed her name to her middle name Mildred, because her adoptive mothers name was
Mary.   She was adopted into a family of three.   She had a sister Loretta  Schaefer and her twin brother Lawrence Fettes and brother Gerhard Fettes.   In October of 1919 they moved to
Mantador, ND from Ashtow, Iowa when Mildred was 5 years old.  She married John Lingen on May 19, 1936.   They had 10 children.  Mildred died on August 10, 2003 in the home in
Breckenridge, MN.
  Some history on Mildred's adoptive mother, Mary Demarest - she was born January 2, 1885 and was brought to the New York Foundling Hospital.   She was placed
in the home of Gerhard & Anna Ov
el of Iowa.   Later she married Fred Fettes and resided in Mantador ND.    She and Fred died in 1963.   John and Mildred Lingen had  10 children.    
John died 12/6/1995.